March 14, 2013

Eat, Grow, Glow

You are what you eat, right? In order to feel healthy, light and clear minded we must eat foods that are these in nature. I must admit I suffer from the worst sweet tooth but as the weather gets warmer and the days of sunshine get longer, I feel the need to boost my metabolism and do an overhaul of eating habits I have acquired during the wintertime. Lately I've been substituting my usual fried, greasy snack foods for more "simple" food. 



My latest craving is seaweed chips and rice cakes. Seaweed is consumed a lot in Asian countries in forms of jelly, raw, and in drinks and growing up in an Asian household I was always told the health and beauty benefits. Asian women will swear of the benefits it gives to produce shiny, strong hair, strong nails and clear skin and glowing complexion. My mom told me this since I was little but like many people, the smell, texture and look of seaweed can be a little intimidating to try. ALAS! Seaweed chips aka my alternative to greasy, salty chips I would have normally eaten before for lunch. Seaweed chips are more easy to consume because they are roasted and lightly salted and spiced. I was hooked after eating a whole bag and wont be turning to Doritos any time soon. They are light, crispy and delicious and packed with nutrients and let's admit... they look pretty cool. Word of advice: Kissing someone after eating these may be cautioned but at least you won't have cheesy orange fingers. 

Rice Cakes

Rice cakes are my alternative to sugary heavy breakfast foods. Starting work before the sun rises causes me to eat fast and easy. I usually will grab a coffee and donut or pop tart and call it my breakfast, leaving me with the sounds of an upset stomach later. Recently I have been having just my coffee and rice cakes which offer just the right amount to sweetness to wake me up. Cinnamon apple are my favorite but caramel and plain are usuals as well. They're light, crispy and filling which is the best part about them. You can eat two and not feel hungry an hour later. I even add Nutella spread on them or berry jam to boost the flavor if needed.

The Benefits:

Seaweed is packed with nutrients and minerals found in the ocean. They contain B vitamins, folate, magnesium and lingans which have cancer protective properties. They help with digestion, metabolism, and are loaded with iodine which can help prevent inflammation. They even can help with stress relief because they are abundant in b vitamins which helps with energy consumption. Cultures that include a seaweed diet or sea enriched vegetable are also shown to have fewer instances of obesity and diabetes.  Rice cakes are low in calories, plentiful in fiber and since they are a healthy carbohydrate, they give you lots of energy to last the day. 

Breakfast and lunch and no guilty feelings later

Healthy strong hair can be yours if you pack enough b-vitamins in your diet

A healthy clear glowing complexion can be brought on by seaweed's anti-inflammatory benefits

March 11, 2013

How to Narrate a Zombie Apocalypse in a Ford

We have to escape the zombie apocalypse in a Ford, that's stationary....byeeee! BOOM!"

Found a video of me joking around at the Philly Auto show last year and made a gif of the last moments of me saying "byeeee" and then the speakers turning on loud music unexpectedly.

Thank to my little brother Jon for never deleting his phone memory.

March 6, 2013

Runs or Drives in the Family

Have you ever thought to yourself a distinct trait or habit you have was passed down from your family? As if certain things you like and dislike are a result from a past? Our families play a pivotal part in how we are brought up sure, but there is no denying the little things and details of our personalities that emanate through us from our past. Every now and then I will go through old family photos. Recently I came across these photos of my dad from the late 70s (hence the dolphin shorts and gym socks). My dad collected Corvettes back in the day and attended Philadelphia Corvette meets in the city. These photos not only tell of his past but of my future as well. As I looked at these admiring my dad's effortless coolness and nostalgia, I felt a sense of myself in these photos.

In my family, you don't grow up Lopez without loving cars and the sound of an engine. Being a Lopez girl was no exception and having four brothers only helped this habit. I absolutely love cars, vintage and new, sports and classic, in a way that makes my father proud and emanates his "swagger" through me. Oddly enough, having this "sense of myself" in these photos was more than emotional. After all, shortly after these photos I was on my way into this world physically. I mean c'mon my father was the man and still is. I imagine this is how he met my beautiful mother. What girl was gonna resist a guy in a Corvette? Needless to say, my father opted for more "child" friendly cars later on to accommodate a car seat, but it's still in his blood and mine till today. A love for the beautiful bodies and sounds of an engine, clutch and wind in your hair.

Old habits die hard, but these aren't old habits if I was born into them before I can remember. Embrace the past and remember it's part in your future. I have the coolest dad ever.