August 30, 2012


Went home work early due to migraines. Hope gave me an 800 mg ibuprofen. Thank gawd

Sometimes self-shot cell phone pics suffice for the $800 cameras. 

What Lines Beneath

August 28, 2012

August 27, 2012

Ride or Die...or and die...

My Urban Outfitters employee discount means all URBN stores even Anthropologie and my favorite Free People. I was in the city store with my sister creeping in taking pics of their wonderful visual merchandising and their fitting room wall art. This was my favorite.

Autumn baby is a coming, and it's giving us a lovely preview here in Philly at Rittenhouse Square.

I kinda love pleats... A lot. They add so much character to a piece. They are the texture to make a statement in. They add dimension to color and fabric. They will forever remind me of making the paper fans in grade school. These are a few of my favorites. I can't wait to show them off to you guys!

My Wonderwall

I told myself visit the wall on your first day off. Leave a permanent mark on how you feel Jess. So I did. This is one of many "Before I Die____" walls. If I were to tell anyone what I went through the past year, mentally,  financially, emotionally and most devastating physically then someone would probably ask me how I'm still standing. It was a tough year being 22. I lost, I prevailed, I struggled and I hurt both mentally and physically. I battled people, their thoughts, assumptions and my own heart. But most of all I lost someone I loved too much for my own good. I came to realizations that ultimately it was karma to me. Never hesitate to tell the one you love that they matter everyday, that they're worth it in life for whatever you go through. We've said words we didn't mean but nothing can repair us. I've made mistakes during your absence with other mistakes... they were only void fillers of a temporal need to be wanted, when all I wanted was us back. All I do is hope. We're two broken people trying to fix ourselves and in the process ended up breaking each other. Most of all I didn't just lose my lover, the only guy who lights up my face, but my best friend. Walle we may never speak or see each other again, but there is no physical or literal aspect of what we had and might still have that will ever make me feel different for you. We're in bad shape, we're odd, we don't fit in with the social blueprint or fickle mindset of the world today, but I will always love you, always be sorry, always forgive you and will always let you know you were worth it. 

Mother Theresa said:

 " I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love."

I am strong, I survived so much, I try and act tough and non affected but my wall is down for this wall for you. We've hurt so much, sometime in hate but there is nothing left in my heart but love because without your presence that is all I ever knew truly existed.

Before I die I want you to know your worth


How cute and clever are these?! I just love Target too much for my own good. I love the typography and play on cyrillic words.

My one true love was Ukrainian and I spent a lot of my time around Ukrainians and Russians. Drink in style even if it's not alcohol.

Not Easy Like Sunday Morning

After working 7 days straight, 56 hrs later I finally had 2 days off the past Friday and Saturday. But I just dread Sundays because they always seem to be the most beautiful out of the weekend.

I've acquired new zits along with my fringe...a usual con to bangs. Therefore, I already miss my forehead and not squinting.


Target has done it again. These pleated hi-low skirts come in black, teal, and mustard. I felt like broccoli cheddar...mmmmmm. The weather is getting cooler and so are the seasons color trends. Natural colors that mimic autumn are what I'm excited for. Not just because I'm an autumn baby ;)

Skirt: Target $19.99
Tank: Urban Outfitters $18
Bag: Vintage  (mother's)
Belt, necklace, bracelets: forever 21

August 25, 2012

Mini Price for Mini Market

I finally got the Mini Market lace-up boots I had been "price stalking" at work for about 2 1/2 months. Sometimes at work we receive online returns which then have to be further discounted. Well these babies were originally about $300 and then we received them and marked them to about $230 and placed them as display shoes on the forms. As the seasons and trends changed at Urban the shoes just remained there. Did people not know of the unsuspecting and rare gem we had placed on the forms? Obviously not. Crazy or not I knew what a find these were from the Swedish design company. When I picked them up one day curiously wondering who made them I saw the number that makes me the most happy in life - 6. A size 6? A discounted Mini Market lace up boot which we never carry as a retail brand? This had to be too good to be true, but alas I was still a reasonable and rational shopper and the price was still out of my real girl fashion budget. So I didn't see these shoes for awhile (mainly because I work in the men's dept and specialise in menswear) so I assumed they were bought. Then as if another sign from the shoe gods I was asked to find the lost mate to a shoe on a front display form and voila! There they were...but when I checked the price sticker I saw the best color that makes me the most happy in life - bright orange. As in bright orange retail sale sticker. $99.99. Did I mention it was payday and employee appreciation month? So that means employees get their discount off of sale items and not just full price. So I snagged Mini Market hot lace-up boots for $60. Good things do come to those who wait. 

Warm reminders

I was brought home some lovely fresh Asian pastries. This and num korn is my favorite. Good morning everyone,late breakfast for a late night.

August 23, 2012

They say eyes are the mirror to the soul. Good luck. I have four.

August 20, 2012

Today I worked 7am to 3. Needless to say it was a little better than yesterday where 
I had 2 hours of sleep, today I had about 4. My best so far, oi vey.

The cutie pie posing is my 2 year old niece Evelyn or as I like to call her "Evil-lyn". She's so mischievous and likes to wear my heels and try to do my winged eyeliner. She is my precious little heart warmer.

Outfit Breakdown:

Studded jacket: Vintage DKNY (moms) and I did the studding myself. I have a lot of broken nails to go in studding hours let's say.

Ink blot skull tee - Urban Outfitters
Maxi Sheer Skirt - H&M
Wooden cut out platform wedges - Deena and Ozzy (on sale)
Bangles - Forever21
Watch - Target

Regret nothing but No Sleep Till Philly

What you don't see is how half an hour before this picture I was a walking zombie at work. I'm processing orders today for Urban. Stuck in back stock with fabulous clothing. My manager bought me  a cappuccino, my regular but forgot my sugar. I was so tired I chugged it in 30 seconds. The 2 shots of expresso made me a happy work camper.

Also not shown, I admit I rolled out of bed with the same "face" as last night. Make-up still on and red lips still bright. That's how you cheat when you've only got an hour of sleep and have to work like a real girl the next day. Today was dressed down stale Jess.

Saturday Night Digs

I've have not been out since my vacation in Vegas in July. A Philly night out was long overdue ALTHOUGH nothing compares to Vegas. I really miss public drinking at any time of the day there! I went to NOche and Raven Lounge with Seth, Lena and Jess T, our usual selves.

Corona and Jaeger bombs were always a must, except when Seth brought me a PBR...ew. Drinking it with your eyes closed is still bad. I got home at 4 am and had to get up at 7 am for work....I did regret it the next morning.

Turn around bright eyes

Yesterday's outfit of the day. I love showing my back tattoo and love daring lines and cuts.

Outfit Breakdown:

Open back top: Urban Outfitters ($12 on sale)
High waisted back zip shorts: Urban Outfitters ($48)

August 18, 2012

Ombre to another level! I wish I would take this rick but no bleach is touching my raven locks :,(
Alison Mosshart of The Kills.

photo credit:

Red lips, fiery words, deep soul

"Bottom of the River" - by Delta Rae

As an alto I am smiling ear to ear that the deep southern percussion and voices by Delta Rae make for an impact. This makes me want to put on a long white maxi eyelet dress and some vintage brown boots and dance my ass off.

Dainty Dame

God I love Carrie Mulligan. That face. That "somber beauty" that ever so slight smirk. In honor of my white and lace andoutdoorsey feel lately, here's to you Ms. Mulligan

August 17, 2012

(A Marshalls Style Steal pt.1)

Real fashionistas shop for bargains, splurge when necessary and always compare. The fun of putting together sensible, stylish and AFFORDABLE looks is the hunt. The hunt is also half the fun. Rummaging through Marhsalls I always find something really great

I am a real girl. As in real budget, real bills to pay, student loans, cell bill, credit card bill, I like to eat! "stuff my face" bill and "weekend night out bar tab bill". I'm searching for bigger things but always stay humble. We all don't have the luxury to drop a month's paycheck on one staple fashionable brand name item and THAT'S PERFECTLY FINE. If there's one thing I hate, it's fashion snobs. As I will say time and time again - "You don't buy style, you find it." 

 I dug through a rack of knit tops and found these two gems. This is why I always will love Marshalls because my wallet and mind are happy and I can look fabulous for less. I call myself a human doilie because these remind me of crafting during Valentine's day as a child.

Compared to other high name brands and retailers...this was def a steal. The price of both still don't even comprise the price of one in a regular similar style at a higher end store. Expect to normally pay about $40-$60 for a crochet knit top

Off to work with early with my cappuccino with 2 shots! Picking which one to wear was kind of tough but I opted for the mesh inlay to show off my cute torso...I'm only 5'1" there isn't a lot to literally show off...

I paired it with a moss green heavy military shirt/jacket, black high waisted shorts and nude suede booties.

And ladies, I don't care what excuse you have but when wearing anything sheer, see through, mesh, etc., be classy, hide the lassies with a bandeau bra or bralette or cropped undershirt.

Coachella ready on the East Coast.


The shark tooth necklace is my own I made. I took a 14kt gold chain and my lonely lost (former pair) of gift shop aquarium shark tooth earrings and wound the wire around the chain.

Outfit breakdown:
Necklace- my own, handmade
Military jacket - American Eagle Outfitters, $38
crochet top - Marshall's $13
High waist zip shorts - Urban Outiftters $15 (on sale) ...shhh I'm an discount rocks!
booties - Target $30

Under $100...(woot!!!)

August 8, 2012

Outfit of the day well...yesterday. Jimmy said I'm so Rihanna-esque lately haha.Being 5'1" and having maxi skirts are not fun so thank god for adjustments and fashion tape. 

Outfit breakdown:
Skirt, H&M
Striped shirt, Forever21
All ELF cosmetics.

Bang Gang. RED.

I always cut my own hair. I always at least once a year get bangs. Then, I will miss my side sweep but that's the magic about good hair genes of a Latin father and Asian mother, your hair grows thick and nonstop.

I also have put red matte lipstick on for the first time and I love it. Before I was afraid because I thought it would be too much for my features. I have full big lips and did not know how to highlight them besides Cherry Chapstick till now. 

P.S. All my makeup - liquid eyeliner, blush and lipstick is all from E.L.F.

Botique cosmetics companys can suck it.