August 25, 2012

Mini Price for Mini Market

I finally got the Mini Market lace-up boots I had been "price stalking" at work for about 2 1/2 months. Sometimes at work we receive online returns which then have to be further discounted. Well these babies were originally about $300 and then we received them and marked them to about $230 and placed them as display shoes on the forms. As the seasons and trends changed at Urban the shoes just remained there. Did people not know of the unsuspecting and rare gem we had placed on the forms? Obviously not. Crazy or not I knew what a find these were from the Swedish design company. When I picked them up one day curiously wondering who made them I saw the number that makes me the most happy in life - 6. A size 6? A discounted Mini Market lace up boot which we never carry as a retail brand? This had to be too good to be true, but alas I was still a reasonable and rational shopper and the price was still out of my real girl fashion budget. So I didn't see these shoes for awhile (mainly because I work in the men's dept and specialise in menswear) so I assumed they were bought. Then as if another sign from the shoe gods I was asked to find the lost mate to a shoe on a front display form and voila! There they were...but when I checked the price sticker I saw the best color that makes me the most happy in life - bright orange. As in bright orange retail sale sticker. $99.99. Did I mention it was payday and employee appreciation month? So that means employees get their discount off of sale items and not just full price. So I snagged Mini Market hot lace-up boots for $60. Good things do come to those who wait. 

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  1. great pics. and this ring you're wearing is awesome!!

    x Daisy