September 26, 2012

SKin is In

Did a glow fresh faced look today. Nude tones. People ask me how I keep my skin clear and fresh. First off I do not smoke. Secondly, I exfoliate about 4 times a week. My favorite scrub to use is St. Ives apricot scrub. Lastly, when I cleanse my face I use a electric spin brush to get a deeper clean. Oh! and I must not forget spf moisturizer!
I still can't explain sunday night when I got back to Philly. Nothing explains the series of events from 30th street station to my bed. Me eerie feeling of doomed happiness fleeting.

Out of all things I could've been doing the first and only was to do that. Strange. Bur I'd give anything for that one split second of happiness,,anything.

*big ass sigh*

September 25, 2012

Sometimes you have to make the same mistake over and over again to realize that people don't change. the only thing that changes is how they say they're sorry, but hardly their character.

No light, no light

If I choose specific times of the day to take photos near my bedroom window I naturally get the suns beams in my picture.
I'm pierced and tatted and I love it.
Embrace your uniqueness!

Fur, Stripes, Red and Leather...not a drag queen Chesire cat.

hahaha ok I can't even take myself seriously with a broken hand.

Can somebody please bedazzle my splint? I hate it. It took me 10 minutes to fit my right hand in my sweater :( I'm so frustrated and depressed because I just want to rip my hand off, it hurts, it aches and I'm so self conscious wearing my outfits. 5 more weeks Jess....that's all. I even have to wear it past my 23rd birthday. Nobody likes you when you're 23 or with a broken hand.

Eye of the Tiger, it's the thrill of the bike

absolutely fell in love with Free People's New Romantics Year of the Tiger moto jacket. A twist on the leather moto look we've been seeing lately. This is $548 and although pricey, think to yourself..."where the hell are you gonna find something like this ever again?". I say worth the splurge.

Feel Good Inc.

"I don't live a good life. I live the one that's within my means, my boundaries of morals and true to whatever makes me smile. I live the best life their is...and their is only one because it is MINE. I live for me."

I said this today is response to some people who think by the judgment of pictures or what I have or where I'm seen that I live a fast life. NEVER. I live a slow life at the pace I set for it. I like to take my time to realize the beauty in things before it's too late. I never live for monetary reasons and if I ever fail to stick to that reasoning to stay humble I hope someone quite frankly comes and bitch slaps me.

To me material possession means not that you have great style or creativity but only that you have a blinded mind of financial worth over what style should be - emotional worth. Emotional worth in how wearing certain pieces makes you feel and how you dress for how you are and feel at any given time. Clothes are a representation first of ones ability to express themselves physically. It is an ensemble of oneself. It should not be an ensemble to show your wealth.

Brands, prices and exclusivity do not mean anything to me. Of course to say I did not lust and wish to have money to buy the beautiful things that do require a bit of wealth, privilege and status or sacrifice would be a lie because with fashion comes a bit of mystery and fleeting beauty that some have to acquire. why make beautiful things that are so easy to come by, there must be some area where people must realize and appreciate fashion as art. That great style is not easy to come by and must be shown in any outlet and not discriminative of the diversity of people and their means.

So in short, my style is sensible but you will not find arrogance here, perfect photo angles, expensive camera shots or me with a bunch of tall giraffe women. Albeit some of my inspiration comes from such bloggers who do very much have fantastic style, but I created this blog to show people that damn it, it's a struggle to make yourself look good but draping great clothes over our bodies whether the price or brand makes anyone and everyone feel good regardless.

A sense of style for the sensible.

September 24, 2012

This is a bag I got as a gift for my 21st birthday. It's made from recycled e-waste of old keyboards. Every time I wear it it even sounds klickity klackity like I'm typing.

Belt is Betsey Johnson.

I took my splint off because it doesn't fit through my sleeves! :( It's ok I only have 2 knuckles on the right instead of four. 

I got to sleep in today. I haven't had more than 4 hours of sleep since Thursday. 
I'm also torn between to bang or not to bang. My hair...not Ryan Gosling. That's always an easy decision. 

Skirt: Target
cut out blouse: Forever21
Belt: Forever21
Rings: vintage and street finds
boots: Cooperative by urban outfitters

NYC weekend

I made use of my weekend off and a much needed one at that to visit a friend in NYC. This was a much overdue reunion :) Spent most of the trip eating, eating, drinking, eating, shopping (and not for myself! haha) , falling down spiral stairs, getting hit my doors and falling asleep in taxis. I would say that summed up a very good mini weekend getaway for me. Thank you chubbs :)

After a night out in Philly till 4am and having to pack and leave for NY by 10 am, this was the first thing I ate when I arrived in NY. A bacon and caramel creme macaron. 

Lobster eggs benedict and my waffle with sour cherry and marscapone. Usually our brunches are quiet with minor headaches and hangovers but surprisingly our livers didn't bitch out the night before.

"Let's try it..." *opens bottle...takes whiff...* "hmmm let's not" Vodka of death

This was a light installation made of cheese graters at Little Muenster in the lower east side. This is where I had melted grilled cheese oozing out of my mouth.

My friend wasn't lying about this place being so good. If you just want a mouth full of meat *no pun intended* ;) go here. You can get your mouth stuffed with naked balls.

Derek Jeter and his booty. He was twerkin' for me.

A Phillies girl at a Yankees Game. Seeing Raul made me feel at home...jk I loved Yankee Stadium.

Our food at The Meatball Shop. Risotto, beef and parmesan cream balls, tomato balls and focaccia bread.

September 21, 2012

image source:

Stylists get creative and McGuyver backstage at shows.

A perfect ensemble of mixed prints from

Lying On a Bed of Nails

image source:

Of course when my hand is broken and in a splint for 6 whole weeks I want to do this nail art! Cherub inspired aspect at Meadham Kirchhoff SS13. 

I'm really diggin' as always the sweet but tough look on the runways and streets recently. Soft face, rosey cheeks, and something leather. The tiny blue dot on the lower lashline are very creative.

Eye C U


This sweater is quite frankly "da shit". J.W. Anderson Sweater for Topshop.



Leather biker jacket, eyelet bustier, draped neckline top and a fishtail braid! LOVELY.

btw can do brown and black. Hah!

September 20, 2012

A Hard On

I've got a hard on for Topshop's metal heel sandal. For those who might feel a little deja vu coming along, you're feeling just fine. Topshop's sandal is made for the more sensible fashionista on a sensible budget who can't afford the beautiful and lovely Celine heels it mirrors. As a fan of Topshop I must say they did an excellent job on these. For $120 this is a steal.

I just wish it was available earlier in the season, and now it's getting cooler... and I've gotten lazy with pedicures. Dang.

Inheriting the Boys Style Cooties



I'm loving the recent looks of hardware, military, heavy knits, utility and tomboy looks featured lately. Topshop (top pic) has done a lovely "Trends to Watch Out For" style feature on their site. Tommy Ton of also snapped these looks trending from London Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. My favorite look is the pleated skirt, a feminine staple texture with the loose "boyfriend" tee and a leather moto jacket. Just my style.

September 19, 2012

Pillow Talk

I may not be blessed "fully" in the upper body pillow department but where god lacked in my creation, he blessed me in others. I have a full pout and proud of it. This guy always told me the profile of my lips made a perfect heart.

and yes that hurt, but I love it so much ;)

These boots were made for ageing

These are Jeffrey Campell moto boots a great former love of my mine gave me. He found them at Daffy's for a steal. Till this day he is the only man who knew my style enough to trust to get me gifts I would love forever. Including that ring :,) 

I feel that no matter how old these boots get, they look better with age. The natural disolorations and scuffs make it perfect to me.

Paws Up

I found my outfit to be missing some crucial "pop" in detail so I bought these lovelies. I'll have pics of the whole outfit soon, Till then "Meowwwww."

Socks: Target

September 18, 2012

Natalie Off Duty Does Her Duty Right to do Camo Right.

Image Source:

Natalie Suarez of Natalie Off Duty does camo right. Recently I was in despair of camo overkill with people and did a post of how I wore a camo jacket. I love the way Natalie paired the camo military look with docs and a girly floral and rugged knit. PERFECTO. Props to Natalie.

Here was my camo pairing.

Here is Natalie's post featuring her camo look and other of her wonderful looks: 


... and if you don't know why you are blind and don't take to hints well. 

Before I had always felt extremely insecure about the gap in my teeth. True story cross my heart, but when I was younger in the awkward years 12-16 I felt so embarrassed and ugly about my gap that I used to cry coming home from school and try to push my teeth together and even tried forcing them close with string. NO LIE. My teeth would be sore and since I stupidly believed that might work I would cry out of defeat and be left with sore sensitive teeth.

So for many years I did the nice, quaint closed smile in all my pictures. Braces were out of the question for me because of my fear of dentists and lack of money. It wasn't until I was a sophomore in college (18) that I started to love my gap. It was me. It was different and quite frankly it was cute and made me, Jess the girl with the gap. 

Then this gorgeous beauty catches my eye one day in a campaign and I'm just like "she's beautiful, she has a gap, the model world accepts her....*happy dance*" In your face suckaaaas who made me feel inferior for my imperfection that is my greatest perfection ;) I'm 22 now and just love my gap. Jessica Hart is so damn hot and she definitely has my girl crush. 

Jessicas are just awesome, If I must say so myself. Jessicas with a gap? Even better.

September 17, 2012

Good Will Hunting

My favorite ring. An affinity for jewelry that portrays pain ;)

When you're 5'2" knee highs are actually thigh highs sometimes

This is Jay :) aka "Kim Jong Illa" that day in backstock at worked I dubbed him. "Hey Jess, can you see me?"

It's light weather jacket time. At least on this side. Working on the men's team and sometimes unpacking shipment means I got to call dibs on some pieces I feel are perfectly unisex and rarely in an extra small. I'm a firm believer that people do too much camo overkill, guys mostly. When trying to look miilitary chique don't overuse the pattern. It is meant to be a statement pattern on a statement piece. Camo on camo or mixing camo can only lead to yourself becoming a walking parody of Swarchzengeger circa Predator (add mud under eyes for authenticity and for extra hype points) or third world country warlord or rebel drug cartel leader. Your choice. 

I immediately fell in love with this jacket and yes I even plan to do some DIY minor studding to make it a lil my own. I especially adore the detachable hood just as much as I adore my steal on this jacket as well. 60% off original retail price. God I loved my job lately.

I wear outfits on my mood and convenience as well. Just like it is convenient that since my hand is broken I can not properly shave my legs without looking like I got into a fight with a shard of glass. So thigh highs it was today...or knee highs for the fashion industry who magically think women are normally 5'10" and over.

At least it's beginning to turn into autumn, and I can double that as an excuse as well ;)


Camo hooded military jacket: All Son
Striped tee: Forever 21
Plated spike belt: ASOS
Skirt: Target
Boots: Mini Market
Ring: ASOS

September 14, 2012

‎"False eloquence is exaggeration; true eloquence is emphasis."

 Shakespeare knows the "try to hards" and the fakes and posers. 
“Sometimes I’m terrified of my heart; of its constant hunger for whatever it is it wants. The way it stops and starts.”- Edgar Allan Poe

Source: Writing & Creative Inspiration | Free People Blog

Give Me Some Character

(pics from Louise Gray SS13)

One of my favorite looks spotted from FW. The whole cotton candy hair and anime eyes gives me hope that  when I cosplay for comic con that there is also another acceptable venue for having fun and looking kick ass. And yes...I cosplay. :)