September 17, 2012

Good Will Hunting

My favorite ring. An affinity for jewelry that portrays pain ;)

When you're 5'2" knee highs are actually thigh highs sometimes

This is Jay :) aka "Kim Jong Illa" that day in backstock at worked I dubbed him. "Hey Jess, can you see me?"

It's light weather jacket time. At least on this side. Working on the men's team and sometimes unpacking shipment means I got to call dibs on some pieces I feel are perfectly unisex and rarely in an extra small. I'm a firm believer that people do too much camo overkill, guys mostly. When trying to look miilitary chique don't overuse the pattern. It is meant to be a statement pattern on a statement piece. Camo on camo or mixing camo can only lead to yourself becoming a walking parody of Swarchzengeger circa Predator (add mud under eyes for authenticity and for extra hype points) or third world country warlord or rebel drug cartel leader. Your choice. 

I immediately fell in love with this jacket and yes I even plan to do some DIY minor studding to make it a lil my own. I especially adore the detachable hood just as much as I adore my steal on this jacket as well. 60% off original retail price. God I loved my job lately.

I wear outfits on my mood and convenience as well. Just like it is convenient that since my hand is broken I can not properly shave my legs without looking like I got into a fight with a shard of glass. So thigh highs it was today...or knee highs for the fashion industry who magically think women are normally 5'10" and over.

At least it's beginning to turn into autumn, and I can double that as an excuse as well ;)


Camo hooded military jacket: All Son
Striped tee: Forever 21
Plated spike belt: ASOS
Skirt: Target
Boots: Mini Market
Ring: ASOS


  1. great styling! love everything about this outfit! xx

    The Provocative Couture

  2. that jacket is so killer
    Love the mixed pattern look :)

    xx from Los Angeles,