September 18, 2012


... and if you don't know why you are blind and don't take to hints well. 

Before I had always felt extremely insecure about the gap in my teeth. True story cross my heart, but when I was younger in the awkward years 12-16 I felt so embarrassed and ugly about my gap that I used to cry coming home from school and try to push my teeth together and even tried forcing them close with string. NO LIE. My teeth would be sore and since I stupidly believed that might work I would cry out of defeat and be left with sore sensitive teeth.

So for many years I did the nice, quaint closed smile in all my pictures. Braces were out of the question for me because of my fear of dentists and lack of money. It wasn't until I was a sophomore in college (18) that I started to love my gap. It was me. It was different and quite frankly it was cute and made me, Jess the girl with the gap. 

Then this gorgeous beauty catches my eye one day in a campaign and I'm just like "she's beautiful, she has a gap, the model world accepts her....*happy dance*" In your face suckaaaas who made me feel inferior for my imperfection that is my greatest perfection ;) I'm 22 now and just love my gap. Jessica Hart is so damn hot and she definitely has my girl crush. 

Jessicas are just awesome, If I must say so myself. Jessicas with a gap? Even better.

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