September 24, 2012

NYC weekend

I made use of my weekend off and a much needed one at that to visit a friend in NYC. This was a much overdue reunion :) Spent most of the trip eating, eating, drinking, eating, shopping (and not for myself! haha) , falling down spiral stairs, getting hit my doors and falling asleep in taxis. I would say that summed up a very good mini weekend getaway for me. Thank you chubbs :)

After a night out in Philly till 4am and having to pack and leave for NY by 10 am, this was the first thing I ate when I arrived in NY. A bacon and caramel creme macaron. 

Lobster eggs benedict and my waffle with sour cherry and marscapone. Usually our brunches are quiet with minor headaches and hangovers but surprisingly our livers didn't bitch out the night before.

"Let's try it..." *opens bottle...takes whiff...* "hmmm let's not" Vodka of death

This was a light installation made of cheese graters at Little Muenster in the lower east side. This is where I had melted grilled cheese oozing out of my mouth.

My friend wasn't lying about this place being so good. If you just want a mouth full of meat *no pun intended* ;) go here. You can get your mouth stuffed with naked balls.

Derek Jeter and his booty. He was twerkin' for me.

A Phillies girl at a Yankees Game. Seeing Raul made me feel at home...jk I loved Yankee Stadium.

Our food at The Meatball Shop. Risotto, beef and parmesan cream balls, tomato balls and focaccia bread.

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