September 25, 2012

Feel Good Inc.

"I don't live a good life. I live the one that's within my means, my boundaries of morals and true to whatever makes me smile. I live the best life their is...and their is only one because it is MINE. I live for me."

I said this today is response to some people who think by the judgment of pictures or what I have or where I'm seen that I live a fast life. NEVER. I live a slow life at the pace I set for it. I like to take my time to realize the beauty in things before it's too late. I never live for monetary reasons and if I ever fail to stick to that reasoning to stay humble I hope someone quite frankly comes and bitch slaps me.

To me material possession means not that you have great style or creativity but only that you have a blinded mind of financial worth over what style should be - emotional worth. Emotional worth in how wearing certain pieces makes you feel and how you dress for how you are and feel at any given time. Clothes are a representation first of ones ability to express themselves physically. It is an ensemble of oneself. It should not be an ensemble to show your wealth.

Brands, prices and exclusivity do not mean anything to me. Of course to say I did not lust and wish to have money to buy the beautiful things that do require a bit of wealth, privilege and status or sacrifice would be a lie because with fashion comes a bit of mystery and fleeting beauty that some have to acquire. why make beautiful things that are so easy to come by, there must be some area where people must realize and appreciate fashion as art. That great style is not easy to come by and must be shown in any outlet and not discriminative of the diversity of people and their means.

So in short, my style is sensible but you will not find arrogance here, perfect photo angles, expensive camera shots or me with a bunch of tall giraffe women. Albeit some of my inspiration comes from such bloggers who do very much have fantastic style, but I created this blog to show people that damn it, it's a struggle to make yourself look good but draping great clothes over our bodies whether the price or brand makes anyone and everyone feel good regardless.

A sense of style for the sensible.

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