September 13, 2012

Seeing RED

I may regret this later but I took off my hand splint to take this picture hence the "dead" limp right hand. I'm getting another xray this Friday, wish me luck! 

I'm in love with these coated red jeans I bought. Originally $78 but purchased for only $31!!! Again employee discounts and a fun company rocks. Everyone kept complimenting me on my jeans. Coated jeans are great for people like myself, the few who don't want to fully dedicate to the pleather or leather look and risk sweaty thighs and uncomfortable ride ups, who just want to still have that great textured look. They fit tight like leather and second skin and make the booty look great I must say. 

In other news, I've given up my bangs. RIP fringe of August.

The weather on the east coast is getting cooler and fall is a comin'! Which means I have no shame in getting girl boners of bringing out my leather jackets and leather booties and layering.


Moto cloth sleeve jacket: Forever 21
Gauze print tank: Forever 21
Coated Twig jeans: BDG Urban Outfitters
Wedge boots: Mini Market

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