October 30, 2012

Reverse Diet

Regular caloric intake is based on 1200. I'm trying to gain a pound per week...yes I fight on to keep weight on. I have a very fast metabolism. In order to do this I must have a daily intake of 2264 calories. I do not mind eating all the pasta, bacon and carbs needed. Sometimes we forget diet is not just a one way track at losing but also gaining. I find it rather extremely rude some girls say to me "omg you're so skinny!" is this not the same as "omg you're so fat!"? Women are so one sided in weight and image that they defeat their own message of healthy body image as normal weight and being fine with how god made you. I am naturally skinny, just as someone else may be naturally curvier or bigger. But the main point is naturally. So give me your hits, your skinny bitch jokes and comments I really don't give a damn. I eat, I exercise, I come from a natrually thin family and if you feel the need to judge based on me being literally me without myswlf hindering the naturalness of my body then I hope you get a self esteem boost.

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