December 22, 2012

Forget Me Not - Is He Boyfriend Material? Literally?

Men will never appreciate the feeling of a woman's forgotten piece of left over clothing, either in a relationship or sometimes ironically after one ends. Boyfriend jeans, boyfriend shirts, blazers, etc., drape our bodies beautifully as we grace our style with metaphorically and literally a "piece of our man". Our femininity although physically covered in the clothes of our guys makes an even bolder statement to the sometimes baring body con and form fitting trends that sometimes leave no room for free style creativity and outfit manipulation. This gives fellow fashion and style watchdogs a cloak of mysteriousness of our frames and sometimes even a new mindset to look at women's design and function.

 Unfortunately, in our fashion forgetfullness and mishaps there is not so much we can offer our male counterparts in terms of style. If anything we can make them appreciate how we transform their mind slip or maybe even messiness into a style take on the traditional.  After all, we couldn't have escaped the reigns, constrictions and stereotype of form fitting clothing to solely remain feminine if it weren't for a great slip of the mind from our wonderful male companions in our life.

Fashion editors, bloggers and labels have made a whole new look in the baggy, distressed, slightly worn and perfectly tucked men's pieces into a shoppable, easy and coveted look for the ultimate carefree chic. Style names like Adriano Goldshmied's "ex-boyfriend jean" and Urban Outfitter's "ex-boyfriend and boyfriend blazer" are now a common conceptualization when creating a story and look with a product. Before the Fall/Winter lookbooks saw the same fur trim, leather and gems as closet staples - now they accompany chambrays, flannel, distressed denim and baggy band t-shirts to the mix.

So do us stylish girlfriends and even ex-girlfriends a favor and give the gift of not bitter remembrance or sweet missing, but noteworthy sartorial inspiration. Give us your button-up if we're chilly in the morning, leave a pair of weekend jeans over our place because doing so is really the gift of giving. You give us fashion inspiration for the Friday mornings when we don't know what to wear and in return you get a beautiful fashion forward lady reflecting a part of you.

Remember, we know there may not be much to do with our forgetful clothing leftovers in terms of bringing something different and unique to menswear but on a style worthy and notable reversal of George Zimmer:

"You're gonna like the way we look in your clothes, we guarantee it."

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