February 12, 2013

Dog Eat, Dog World

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My lovely other half lost sister Maria and I had a girls night Saturday. After hookah, mango martinis and a Philly parking hunt/war we decided to hit up Underdogs, a "gourmet" and not your average hot dog joint. Try all twenty two flavors, get you menu punched and get your name on a wall fist of fame.I only have about eleven other hot dogs to destroy. I always take out of town friends here for a fun late night place to cure the snack tooth after partying in the city. Here I was embarking on the "Texas Tommy" a bacon wrapped dog topped with cheddar cheese and Maria had "The Warsaw", a polish sausage with saukraut.

Underdogs is located on 132 S. 17th Street.

They also have gluten free and veggie dogs.

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