February 14, 2013

Street Gems

I believe the stone is a striped apricot agate.

A bracelet from a SoHo jewelry market I picked up.

Skull and hand ear cuff from L.E.S. jewelry market.

Rings. I collect them. This one is my absolute favorite which I have just gotten returned after a long year apart from it! I was never a fan of "traditional" or "classy" jewelry. Bling was not my thing. I was always more intrigued by the one of a kind, unique and rustic/folk look of the rings I've collected throughout the years. 

This particular ring was given as a gift from my love at the time we were in New York. It was custom wrapped to my finger and I got to choose which stone to use. I got it from the many NYC jewelry markets and jeweler street vendors that are flowing through  the streets of NY. You can always find the best jewelry there from independent artists and prices are always negotiable which is exactly in my price range. 

The beauty about having a unique piece of jewelry is that you know no matter what no one else will have the exact same piece as you, or the exact same story. That is why I collect after all. Jewelry to me especially holds stories that make vintage finds, family heirloom pieces and handmades not merely just a fashion accessory but a part of someone else and you as you wear it. 

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