February 18, 2013

Smoke Signals

"Don't be blinded by love, or shiny bright bling!"

This was my Valentines Day outfit. I decided to go dark and layered as a satirical play on all the red and pink around me. I usually keep a natural makeup look with just mascara and lip balm, but I decided to offset the dark colors with a pop lip of bright red matte. It's always a good idea to play it safe with makeup and colors when going a bit heavy or highlighting accessories - like I have done here with my rings. It may be hard to choose one or the other but remember you can never be too dressed up, but you certainly can be too made up. Simple hair, bold lip, dark layers with a print (I chose stripes and an ombre knee high) and highlighted accessories. If you keep at least one element of your style simple you can't go wrong.

(Ombre wool knee highs draw the eye up and cut up an otherwise monochrome outfit)

Outfit Breakdown:
Rings: my own collections and finds
Striped 3/4 sleeve: H&M
Sheer tunic: H&M
Pleather Skater skirt: Forever21
ombre socks: H&M
Booties: H&M

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