January 18, 2013

First Book of the New Year

Who can ever NOT notice Grace Coddington? The former model and now the creative director of American Vogue magazine's signature fiery auburn mane is seen often next to Anna Wintour on runway shows, probably and almost always with a pen and book sketching away at runway looks and inspiration. I've heard a lot of buzz around Grace's memoir and I am excited to run into my nearest Barnes and Noble to get the first book of this new year.

Perhaps why her memoir intrigues me are the quotes and insights. Particular one's that had my interest :
"They could be pretty bitchy, those fashion-mad French girls. I would never dare talk back to them. For me, the French were always so superior in matters of style. England was cool but never chic."

"I was considered avant-garde and fashionable rather than pretty. "

"I undressed, put on my nightie, pulled down the top sheet, and there, neatly laid out on the pillow like one of those little chocolate mints you find in boutique hotels nowadays, was a condom. "What is this?" I wondered. I really hadn't a clue. Moments later, to my surprise, I was joined by Tinker carrying a steaming cup of cocoa and looking adorable in his stripy cotton pajamas. But his air was not that of someone about to read me a bedtime story."

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