January 5, 2013

If I don't write my resolutions down

I’ll forget:
1. Concerts
2. Actually go to my doctor appointments
3. Love anew but not necessarily ” a new” :)
4. NYC MoMA and food tour and planetarium with someone special
5. New job in my respective field
6. Stop cutting my hair
7. Stop sleeping with my contacts in
8. Actually eat breakfast, lunch THEN dinner.
9. Finish White Collar seasons 3 and 4, AHS season 2
10. Get my ride vrooooooooom!
11. Start a tattoo fund jar for myself.
12. Limit my search frequency of Ryan Gosling. 
13. Never give up on what my heart tells me and who it tells me makes me smile most genuinely.
Not really resolutions, just really really really attainable goals.

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