January 14, 2013

Healthy To The Tea

I recommend taking a closer look at your tea the next time you go to brew your favorite cup. Even if it's in a tea bag, cut the bag and look at it. You'll see nature's beautiful and flawless "sugars and spices" ingredients. Looking through my tea which is a oolong mate chai tea, I found flower blossoms, candied ginger, seeds and fragrant pods. It brings your tea to perspective if you not only imagine all the natural and organic materials in it but look also. You'll find yourself drawn back and will never think of your delicious tea as just leaves but a collective of the flora we take for granted. 

I have a jar of star anise stored next to my bed and sometimes it helps when I have a migraine to just open the jar and take a whiff of the spice. Not to mention it naturally is in a beautiful star shape, it also holds a lot of culinary and medicinal uses. On my mom's side in Cambodia, they use the spice in beef broths and in Vietnam in pho. Did you know star anise is also used in the compound of Tamiflu? So keep a jar handy if you love chai, feeling like you're in Southeast Asia or to prevent from catching the flu this season.

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