January 4, 2013

Response to Jalopnik article " What's The Most Annoying Driver Habit Where You Live?"


Here in Philadelphia you can see where the care for road infrastructure and sensibility teeter off the city management's and residents' "to do" list in the City of Brotherly love. Lowered cars to create sleek streamline profiles only do so in vain as countless and shameless so-called "gear heads" only meet a sleek and nearly flawless profile with the undercarriage of their car as they smash into the potholes and uneven streets of Philly. All the while cursing out a very avoidable and common sense mindset of "how low can you go?" can you get down low?" Obviously for the city I live in, you can't get down low without kissing the street and kissing your car's lip, kit and bumper bye bye.

Here is the original Jalopnik post. 

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