January 31, 2013

For that One Person: A "SORRY" D.I.Y. card

We all say things in the heat of the moment that we wish we could take back. But we can't. A moment whether amazing or terrible is a moment in time imprinted in the universe and minds of those we affected. I admit I'm not perfect, and to blame my short temper on anything but myself is wrong. But I do admit when I have done wrong. So when words have hurt from the mouth, say it with your hands. This is for a very special person that deserves better from me. So for YOU I am deeply sorry and would have rather seen you smile then fire angry words back at each other. 

It killed me to cut up beautiful editorials and magazines but I feel like they were used for a good purpose. I can only hope I am forgiven. For it is one thing to say sorry and another to show it in this way from the heart.  This is also a good idea for Valentine's Day.

1. Card stock/ envelopes
2. glue
3. makers
4. scissors
5. adhesive felt
6. magazines
7. twine/rope/string

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